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WiFi Meter

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Beschrijving van WiFi Meter

WiFi Meter is a simple WiFi scanner which will allow you to see and measure the WiFi networks visible to your Android device.

Service name, channel, security status and signal strength are available in a continuously updating list with extra details such as MAC address and security configuration available at a single press. Scanning may be stopped and started at will and results can be exported to a data file to provide a permanent snapshot of your WiFi environment.

Use WiFi Meter to:

* find open networks quickly without having to take out your laptop or tablet

* find less crowded channels for setting up your wireless router

* survey your local WiFi network for audits and investigations

* get a permanent record of WiFi access points for importing into spreadsheets or databases

To start scanning simply press the scan button. Scanning will proceed at regular intervals, press the scan button again to stop. Press any of the items in the list for more information. Use the settings menu to customise the scan interval and the presentation of the results. The network list can be displayed in name, channel or signal strength order and can be filtered to focus on open networks only and/or networks on a particular channel.

WiFi Meter requires access to WiFi but does not require an internet connection. Supports WiFi frequencies within the 2.4 GHz band only. An SD card or similar storage is required to export data. Export is to a .csv file which is compatible with most spreadsheet and database software.

Finally, WiFi Meter is only as good as the WiFi sensor in your Android device and results may vary.

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